We are pleased to announce that in 2016 we managed the first of the larger pieces of restoration work. Thanks to contributions from our donors and an emergency-programme subsidy whichthe Ministry of Culture provided the Roman Catholic Parish in Kryry with, we secured the most essential statics of the church. We namelyfixed the majority of cracks in the walls by a system of helical stainless reinforcement, tied up the lateral walls, which were spreading apart, by two steel rods, repaired the damaged main vaulted (triumphal) arch and changed two rotten beams under the floor of the choir loft, including a part of the floor. 

For the sake of completeness, we add that the subsidy perceived from the Ministry of Culture was CZK 250,000 and that Association Dietrich contributed CZK 75,625.07. Šilhánek a syn, a.s. was the main supplier of the construction and ensured the professional performance of the specialised work through subcontractors, namely the reparation of cracks by helical reinforcement through Staronstatika s.r.o. Brno, the manufacture of steel rods through R A N s.r.o. Kryry, the drilling of holes into walls needed for inserting the helical reinforcement through Jan Muller – jádrovévrtáníLouny. We thank everyone who contributed. 

For this year we already received a subsidy of CZK 200,000 from the Czech-German Fund for the Future, partially also thanks to cooperating association Heimatstube Podersam-Jechnitz from Kronach in Bavaria. The restoration may thus continue even this year.

About the association

Dietrich is an association established to help restore Virgin Mary Nativity Church and other cultural monuments in Kryry. The name Dietrich represents the last important owners of our church, the House of Dietrichstein, who acquired Kryry in 1686 and whose coat of arms is displayed on the church. 

The House of Dietrichstein was an old family whose beginnings date back to 11 Carinthia. In 16 more divided. Kryry belonged to members of Hollenburg-Mikulov branch whose family seat was Mikulov castle. For more information see HISTORY. th century the family split into two branches which were subsequently even


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