Chairman: Mgr. Petr Hradil 

Vice-chairman: Ing. Věra Kudrnáčová – tel. 720 173 274 

Seat: Náměstí Československé armády 35, 43981 

Identification no.: 22749292 

Tax identification no.: CZ22749292



How to become a member

A person who has reached fourteen years of age may become a member of the association. A new member is elected by the board of trustees after a written application is submitted (for downloading the application see below). A person becomes a member upon receiving a letter of acceptance and paying a membership contribution of CZK 100. Members’ rights and duties are: 

A member is entitled to: 

  • participate in discussions held by the general meeting,
  • elect the association bodies and be elected to these bodies,
  • propose motions, initiations and observations to the association bodies,
  • participate in the association’s day-to-day activities,
  • be kept informed of the association’s events and activities.

A member must:
  • follow this Memorandum of Association, the orders of the association, the resolutions of the association bodies and other internal regulations,
  • pay membership contributions,
  • inform the association of any changes in their personal circumstances,
  • actively participate in fulfilling the association’s objectives,
  • duly execute their office in the association bodies,
  • uphold the good name of the association.

A member ceases to be a member:
  • if they resign by giving notice to the board,
  • if they die,
  • if the association is dissolved,
  • if they are expelled by the board. The board may not expel a member unless the member repeatedly breaches this Memorandum of Association despite being warned of their conduct.

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